Top Message

"Where there are people, there need be dreams"
- We will continue to present the world’s most inspiring performing arts productions. -

President Junichi Nihei

Since our company’s founding in 1976, we at Japan Arts have been presenting the world’s most outstanding performing arts productions
by artists from Japan and around the world, based on our belief that “experiencing true art gives people energy for living.”

The sustaining values of the arts and culture fulfills people with dreams, inspiration; and enriches the heart and mind over time.
We are aware of how important and precious these gifts are, and we believe they will help bring about world peace.

In our rapidly changing world, people’s values are diverse.
I believe the prefix “sym-” is the “key” to surviving these complex times; as in sympathy, synchronize, and of course, symphony.  That is; we need to mutually sympathize and synchronize our feelings with friends and colleagues, and strive to coexist and resonate “symphonically”
with those we do not yet know.

With this conviction, we will continue to devote our efforts to sharing the power of music and the performing arts with as many people as possible.

We will be grateful for your continued support.

Jun-ichi Nihei, President & CEO
Japan Arts Corporation